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The most interesting pieces from the collecting world that I managed to find are hidden in secret hiding places. Because I believe that some things simply cannot be bought.

However, I will be happy to show you the way to them in exchange for antees that you can help me collect. Antees are points that are credited to your customer account. You can get them in several ways.

The first way to get them is by buying products. Each purchased product contains a certain number of antees. Be careful not to overlook products for which you will get several times more. These products are labeled for quick identification. You will be able to choose your reward much earlier. If you are very lucky, you may even manage to find an Easter Egg product, for which you will get up to 100 times more antees than usual.

The second way to get coins is by filling the shopping cart. For each ordered item, you will get an extra antee. For example, if you order 45 cards, thanks to the generous basket you get another 45 bonus antees.

The third way to add bonus antees is in the choice of payment method. If you guess the right one, 10 more antees will be waiting for you. All antees will be credited to your account as soon as your package is packed and ready for delivery.

If despite all this you do not manage to get enough antees, read my news and follow me on social networks. I will advise you where the others are hiding.

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